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Newbie Guide, new players read HERE please

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2004 13:29    Post subject: Newbie Guide, new players read HERE please Reply with quote

first of all welcome to kosmor

quick guide:

- get into contact with your housemates via forums or in game mail
- send your warplanet to some unowned size 2 or 3 planet near to your homeworld, you do not need any ships for conquering grey/unowned planets
- read this thread or the manual when u got spare time, or ask people in your house what to do next


on every screen you have 3 buttons in the left bottom corner.


it will guide you through the resources, supplies, components and buildings existing in this game, you may change between those 4 categories in the right upper corner of the lexicon screen. when u click on the name of e.g. a component the lexicon tells you what supplies you need for constructing it and shows you some general infos about it


help opens the manual, read it when u still have any questions, especially the technical data sheet(appendix) got some very helpful information in it


logs you out of kosmor Wink

now the different screens you can select via the left side menu:


we start right after you log in, the screen you see now is called overview. there are several boxes showing you information about yourself, your house(alliance), the whole universe, the marketplace and last day´s combat issues. the most important thing for a new player is the information about the house, you can check there how big/strong it is, this may tell you how secure you may feel right now Wink

click on show house ranking and you may get a feeling how big/strong or small/weak your house is right now

now click on "go to house board" and open a thread like "hi, i´m new to this game", people will see that you are active and try to get into contact with you, if not your house is inactive and you should look around for some more active house.


here you may read and write messages Wink

in case the envelope in the right upper corner is colored yellow you get an email every time someone sends you a message inside the game, by clicking on the envelope it gets wgrey and you won´t get any more emails

in the upper area of the screen you can switch between the messages you sent and the ones you received

in the bottom area you may start a new mail or go to your house´s forum

solar systems

by clicking on solar systems you now see all the infos concerning your homeplanet. in the right upper corner you see what race it settled on it, and what this means for the production and growth efficiency. and you see how many inhabitants live there and what amount your population did grow or shrink from yesterday to today

the box in the left upper corner shows you a picture of your planet, it´s coordinates, the planets class and the diameter of it, the bigger your planet the more inhabitants you may get and the faster they grow, the maximum population is 30*diameter. this means a planet with 40000km diameter may have a population of 1,200,000 at max, but the more inhabitants it has the slower the population grows...

the wide box in the middle of the screen is only important for pro users, they can build the buildings there and see what buildings already are built on this planet

in the bottom part of the screen u may set the tax ratio, set combat strategy and you see the cost and tax information concerning this single planet

tax ratio:

u can set a ratio between 0 and 15%

the lower it is the faster your population grows, with 10% tax ration the population won´t grow any more, with more than 10% the population shrinks

tax rank: the higher the plane´s tax rank is, the more % of it´s tax income u have to pay as star redistribution tax, this tax is made for preventing single players of getting too big and powerful

total cost: the sum of the the costs of the planets mines, factories and shipyards are shown here

there is another menu bar in the upper right part of the screen:

click on "mines" now

u now see in the left box how many mines of what type you have built at this planet, and how many mines u may build there at max, for size 1 planets it is 20, for size 2 40 and for size 3 planets is 60 mines the maximum

the right box shows you the productivity of your mines, a productivity for titanium of 15 means each mine produces 15 units of titanium

the right bottom corner tells you how much u pay as upkeep for the mines on this planet

each mine costs 100 credits upkeep per day and 2000 credits for building

check the market prices, you often may get cash by mining resources and selling them there until u start producing supplies and components

click on "factories"

as you may see the left side shows you the levels and remaining capacity of the supply factories and the right side for the component ones

you can produce stuff by clicking on "production" below the factory that is capable of producing what u want to have produced. a level 2 factory may only produce stuff up to level 2. you should try to avoid building factories on any other planet than your hp, as you can´t ever loose the ones you have on your hp. more information on factories are in the manual

click on "shipyard"

here u can build, demolish or reconfigure ships. more in the manual

click on "stockyard"

here u see what resources are in this planets´ stockpile and you can send them to any planet you own, mostly you will send them to your homeplanet or the one you have factories on

click on "shipment"

here you see the actual shipment orders and sendings


the yellow planet in the middle of the part of the map u may see is your homeplanet. your warplanet is stationed there when u first log on. your own planets are yellow, your superiors planets and those of other house members are red and your subordinates planets are orange

click somewhere with the mouse, NOT on a planet

now you get the coordinates shown of the place you clicked on, and the distance from your warplanet to this place

now click on a planet. u do not get the coords shown, but infos like what type is the planet, how big is it, is it owned and how far is it away

grey planets are unowned and you should fly to one not too far away from your homeplanet

planets and warplanets that are underlined have ships on it, by clicking on them u get shown what ships, how many, and who´s ships there are

planets without any ships on them that are owned are still stronger than your single warplanet, do not try to attack planets of other players with only your warplanet, because u think there is no defense as there are no ships.


try never to settle down on a size 1 planet as they are too small for supporting a decent amount of population or mines


you can see in the datasheet what class is best for what resource


if there is nothing written the planet is unowned, owned planets show you who the owner is and what house he belongs to


your warplanet moves between 29 and 31 LY each day, you are not able to know how far it will move tomorrow Wink


you have 1000 housemembers altogether at start, every time you conquer an unowned planet you loose 100 on your warplanet, they move to the conquered planet and stay there. by conquering planets of other players the housemembers on this planets defect to you

combat strategy should be clear Wink


u may allow other members of your house to use your warplanet as base for their ships, you should allow this as long as there is no reason not to


u can scroll through your ships here and give them commands where to move, the red circle in the right map window shows you the travel radius of the selected ship. click in that map window on the planet or warplanet want to move your ship to and then choose "move to..." in the appearing box


at the marketplace u may sell and buy resources, supplies and components.

for ordering goods you need to have enough money to purchase the amount you order for the price u want to pay as max or you won´t be able to send this order to the marketplace.

price tells you the price this good was traded for last turn, vol is the volume/amount of units that got traded, sell the amount of offered units and buy the amount of units that people bid for

in the upper right corner u may select between buying stuff, selling stuff and have a look in your orderbook where all actual orders are listed

when u click on the name of the good u want to sell or buy u get informations like charts showing the amounts and prices of this good over the last time, the max price etc. u can fill in how many units you want to sell or buy and for what price, then you get directed to a screen where u decide from what planet the stuff gets taken that u try to sell, when u buy you may decide where to deliver the goods as well.


nothing to explain here i think


the guy left from your name is your direct superior. click on that envelope next to his name and you can send him a message saying hello and such Wink

click on his name and you get directed to his level of hierarchy, seeing his superior and his other subordinates in case he got more than just you

red colored names mean this guy has subordinates

people on the right side right of your own name are your own subordinates

u can set taxes for your subordinates, means they pay x% of all their income to you each day, but most houses have a 0% tax philosophy afaik

ok, this is a bit long now, should be a newbie guide but happens to be a mix of a newbie guide and a shorter and *maybe* better to read manual, for sure i hope you have fun with the game


High Councilor Walker

This thread is now out of date. I have un-stickied it so that it will drift down the rankings into obscurity, and i have slimed the new version - mod

Last edited by Walker on Mon Feb 16, 2004 15:17; edited 1 time in total
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2005 20:48    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is also for not so newbies too.

Check out Surst's tools they are very helpful
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2005 22:35    Post subject: Reply with quote

I dont suppose any of these tools can be attanied for mac?, can they?
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2005 05:06    Post subject: Reply with quote

No, not for Macintosh, but for Linux, if I'll find some time to write them new.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 15:30    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well, I think this guide needs a few corrections, especially with these things:
-WP now moves at 60ly/day, jumpdrive works differently.
-Planets now take different amounts of house members.

Since Walker retired, I think a mod has to edit this post.
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